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2013 NMCA Pro Street World Champion

Jeff Lutz


Byron Worner

 2013 NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series Super Stock World Champion and 2013 NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series Division 1 Super Stock Champion



John Faraone

Faraone Racing Engines of Australia

Takes Drag Week By Storm

(Click picture)


Barry Daniluk

4.03@177 with a .962 60′ The Worlds  Fastest Naturally Aspirated Doorslammer in the World!

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Note:   We build all transmission's to meet your car's need, over building a low horse power engine can slow you down, As under building  a high horse power engine can burn up. Please contact Carl before deciding on a transmission that's right for you





sorry we currently are not accepting orders for this Transmission



  • All cars with 600 or more fly wheel horse power must run SFI safety blanket or transmission shield

  • Cars that are street driven should always fallow NHRA safety guide lines.

  • 3 speed and overdrive transmissions: Caution never shift into neutral position at high speeds. This will cause internal components of the transmission to rotate 2 and ½ times faster than your finish line RPM. (Example, If your car’s finish line RPM is 7,500 RPM’S and the Transmission is shifted to neutral then the internal components will spin at 15,000 RPM’s THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS! The parts are spinning so fast, they can explode, turning your transmission into a shrapnel type bomb possibly causing bodily injury and death.

  • On full competition transmissions with manual valve bodies or transmission brake down shifting to second will cause the same reaction. This also is very dangerous and not recommended.

On all ROSSLER TH210 transmissions and some specialty built transmission’s equipped with our billet  high gear drum with specific modifications, can safely be shifted to neutral at high speeds

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